Greenness Cosmetics and Biosmos Attend ESI Vancouver

This year we are excited to attend the Ésthetique Spa International Vancouver Conference, February 25 & 26 at the Vancouver Convention Centre. The comprehensive ESI trade fair is an amazing way to connect with a wide range of beauty professionals. It is also a chance for Greenness Cosmetics to hear top feature speakers, participate in … Read more

24K Gold Collagen Mask For Your Healthy Skin

Healthy and beautiful skin is every woman’s dream. A glowing skin with absolutely no aid from makeup, it sounds a bit unbelievable, right? Surely all of you would’ve familiarized yourselves with a face mask. The face mask is predominantly used to refine our face. It is an essential part of one’s periodic facial care made … Read more

Introducing: Greenness Post Epilation Lotion

Greenness Post Epilation Lotion is an essential part of natural skincare. This must-have product is manufactured in Italy with high-quality locally-sourced ingredients. Created for soothing skin after hair removal by laser or shaving, Greenness Post Epilation Lotion is an emulsion formulated with active ingredients. These ingredients are never boiled to ensure they preserve formula potency … Read more

Spring is for Re-birth: Introducing NEW Face Masks

Face masks have been around since the ancient times and for good reasons. In their quest to look their most beautiful selves, women began experimenting with various ingredients and the effects those had on their skin. They soon discovered the benefits a mask can provide to the way their skin feels and looks, and so … Read more