10 effective Guidelines for glowing skin in the summertime

Summertime is probably the most exciting time of the year. It is the season of beaming sun and sizzling heat. It’s the time of the year where everyone goes to the beach to show off their beautiful skin and have fun in the sun. Many would argue that summertime is a natural aphrodisiac with exotic half-clad clothing’s and people going out to get suntanned on the beach, it can’t possibly get any better. While it is expected that you get to show off your skin and beauty during this period of the year, it is a known fact that summertime often heralds a variety of unsavory skin reactions. It is not uncommon to find people with rashes, pimples, and many other skin imperfections during this time of the year.

If you are wondering why people experience a variety of unwanted skin reactions during summertime, the answer is simply because of the heat. Just as it is expected that you will make relevant adjustments by wearing lighter clothes, eating different meals and engaging in different activities to cope with the heat, it is equally expected that you change your skincare routine in order to maintain glowing skin in the summertime.

If you are looking to avoid sunburn, excessively oily skin, pimples, acne and a host of other skin conditions that creep up summertime, there are skincare rules that must be followed. If you desire glowing skin during the heat of summer, here are 10 effective Guidelines for glowing skin in summertime:

1. Rinse your face twice or more daily

Facial skin care: Your facial skin is the most important consideration when trying to look beautiful and stunning. However, many people have a hard time maintain a glowing facial skin. For many, this challenge is often aggravated even further during summertime. Summertime requires a unique facial skin care routine that eliminates dirt and dust from the face. Raging pimples is not uncommon as well. For folks that experience a surge in pimples, it is recommended that you rinse your face twice or more daily. You are not required to use soap as clean water will suffice.

2. Use water-based lotions

Apply cosmetics that are well-suited for the weather: One major reason why people experience reactions on their skin during summertime is that they do not change their cosmetics to conform to the weather. Common sense dictates that the cream which you applied for moisture during the winter season would most likely create excessively oily skin during summertime. Given the intense heat and solar radiation of summer, it is advisable that you use water-based lotions. Folks with excessively oily skin are advised to use facial sprays as any attempt at using lotion could create reactions in the form of pimples.

3. Use skin toner appropriate for your skin type to reduce sweating and skin reactions

Focus on the fundamental skincare techniques: There are fundamental skincare procedures and techniques that should be used regardless of the season. It is imperative that you use these fundamental techniques consistently even during summertime. For instance, it is expected that you clean, tone and moisturize in the night. Toner is required as well to reduce sweating and skin reactions. Maintaining fundamental skincare techniques is required to prevent wrinkles and sunburn.

4. Always use sunscreen to prevent skin damage and premature skin damage

Do not forget sunscreen: Going through summertime without a reliable sunscreen will leave your skin looking damaged. Sunscreen is meant to protect your skin from the harshness of sun radiation. Being able to apply sunscreen effectively is just as important. It is expected that you adequate amount of sunscreen thirty minutes before exposing your skin to the sun. Failure to use sunscreen or the inability to use it effectively will result in wrinkles, sunburn and other unwanted skin conditions.

5. Lemon and Tomato will keep your skin glowing

Take advantage of natural skin therapy: It would interest you to find that there are natural skin therapies that will nourish your skin immensely while giving you a glowing skin during summertime. For instance, lemon and tomato skin therapy is guaranteed to keep your skin glowing. Interestingly, these natural therapies do not have any adverse effects.

6. Avoid sun during midday and always wear shades and apply lip balm

Lip balms and sunshades: There are many ways to maintain great skin during summertime. However, some of the easiest approaches are the most effective. One of such approaches is to stay away from the sun completely when it is at its hottest. The heat of the sun could have an unsavory effect on your eyes and lips. While there are ways to manage these situations, prevention is always better. The use of lip balms and sunglasses would serve well. However, avoiding the sun during midday up until evening is the best way to go.

7. Take daily showers to cool off and freshen up your skin

Ensure proper body hygiene: Sometimes the problem is not with the weather but with your hygiene. While the effects of skipping a daily shower in winter may be nonexistent, you can be sure that skipping a shower in the summer would leave you with a repulsive stench from the sultry heat while creating ample opportunity for pimples and other skin reactions to occur.

8. Eat your veggies and fruits for healthy glowing skin

Watch what you eat during summer: What you eat can have a profound impact on your skin. Avoid excessively fatty and oily meal during summer as this is a recipe for pimples and oily skin. Consuming a lot of water with fruits and vegetables is the way to go for a smooth and fresh skin.

9. Wear lighter natural fabrics during hot summer months

Change your clothing: It will be unwise to wear thick or tight clothing during summer as this could instigate a skin reaction. You can’t possibly be creating more heat for your skin in an already hot weather. Light and free clothing is always the best option for summer.

10. Spend as much time outdoors as possible (in the shade!)

Enjoy being outdoors: Being outdoors during summer can be fun and it is best you don’t miss out on that. Spending time outdoors exposes the skin to the breeze and light which is great.