Biosmos Milano

About Biosmos Milano

Biosmos Milano Cosmetics has been managed for more than forty years by entrepreneurs, who with relentless commitment and enthusiasm have overseen the production of phytocosmetics inspired by the values of phytotherapy, aromatherapy, and functional osmology, using active principles of plants and products of the hive. Going back to nature should not be considered a new fad, but rather the result of a safe and informed choice, also justified by the fact that we now have a better, more in-depth knowledge of the effectiveness of natural active ingredients.

Our products aim to offer our skin natural substances that are vital for its ideal balance. These also help address its flaws and stimulate it “naturally” so that it produces what it needs. All our products undergo stringent laboratory inspections and strict clinical tests conducted by a specialized technical- scientific team. Further, more in-depth supervisions are carried out during the various production stages. Cutting-edge machinery and equipment guarantee the production of highly effective and safe cosmetics. However, our focus on beauty does not end here. Appearance is important and this is why we select attractive and practical containers that ensure the quality of our beauty products thanks to the use of premium packaging.

Our Production Ethical Principles

We use only natural and biodegradable plant active ingredients in addition to hive and biotech products.

Our products do not contain genetically modified raw materials.

All our products are dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic.

Our products are NOT tested on animals.

These are selected and guaranteed by safety data sheets and also undergo stringent quality control tests in our Quality Control Center.

We have always been committed to producing non-polluting products, by using exclusively natural ingredients, environmentally friendly materials and packaging that can be easily disposed of in differentiated waste collection.

Our company has been awarded the «Trustworthy Certification Seal» issued by RTC-Unipro.

Biosmos Fitogemmocosmesi – Gemstone Skin Care

Today we can see a growing interest in nature and everything around it, including minerals, among which the precious stones (gems), that have always fascinated us for their world rich in “legends”, “history” and recently also “science”.In fact important researchers/academics have published many volumes on the therapeutic properties of the precious stones, for example, Michael Gienger, Rudolf Dud’a, Jean Claude Bozou, Giancarlo Barbadoro, Rosalba Nattero, providing us with an important contribution to the knowledge of this fantastic world. From this world, Biosmos Milano has obtained precious information to create a new form of cosmetics: FITOGEMMOCOSMESI (mark duly registered by the Ministry of Economic Development). Cosmetics which, besides still using active principles of plant origin (fito), also use precious stones (gems) and their vibrational essence.

In January 2016, with the precious cooperation of our research and development laboratory, we have created the first anti-aging cream “Emerald Elixir”, characterized by an innovative formula with the presence of a small, true carved emerald and its vibrational essence. Fitogemmocosmesi is having a strong success, and this has attracted the interest of many European and non-European Countries.

In January 2017 the line Fitogemmocosmesi has been enriched with a new product: moisturizing and repair cream, Rubina which contains a small ruby and its vibrational essence. These two creams represent the milestone of Fitogemmocosmesi, other products will soon follow.

Rubina Moisturizing and Repair Face Cream

A face cream with a silky and comfortable texture containing ruby vibrational essence, hyaluronic acid, Rosehip oil and Marine collagen guarantees an optimal skin rejuvenation establishing skin’s natural moisturizing.

It is suitable for treating undernourished, dehydrated skin and all skin types requiring hydration and care.


Emerald Elixir Anti–Ageing Cream

Biosmos emerald cream
Exclusive formulation, characterized by the use of a small, carved emerald and its vibrational essence. It is ideal for preserving the beauty of the skin by preventing aging.

It is ideal for both mature and young skins and it is recommended both as an anti-aging treatment and as a preventative treatment. The skin appears younger, silky, firm and glowing.


Emerald Intensive Treatment Kit

It is an exclusive, rich and creamy formula that quickly acts as an activator of brightness and youth. It has a special molecular structure which conveys a high interaction with the epidermis, to intensify the absorption of the active ingredients.

Formulation for demanding skins, it has an efficient, nourishing and anti-aging action. Thanks to a mix of active principles and vegetable substances, it perfectly removes impurities and makes up from face and eyes, giving flexibility and smoothness to the epidermis.

It is an exclusive formula that confers freshness to the incarnate and an immediate wellness to the skin. Thanks to a mix of actives, it has an anti-aging action. It is essential for the cleansing of the face and it can also be used as “compress” to give energy to the skin.

Innovative and valuable formulation, with a rich, soft and comfortable texture, which contains a small emerald and its “essence”. It has a significant anti-wrinkle, toning and plumping action. It protects the skin from photo-aging and free radicals, it moisturizes and nourishes effectively.


Rubina Exclusive Set

The special synergy between the ruby essence, marine collagen, and the hyaluronic acid has a nourishing and anti-aging action. The exclusive formulation of the fluid emulsion is very moisturizing. It takes off any traces, leaving the skin perfectly clean and bright. It softens the skin and reduces the irritation. The special synergy between the ruby essence, the marine collagen, and the hyaluronic acid has a nourishing action. The rose distilled water and the extracts of fruit and aloe refresh and give energy to the skin, maintaining the natural level of moisturizing.

The combination of ruby essence with fruit extracts and the Aloe vera gel increases the skin’s flexibility. Exclusive gel formulation is moisturizing and refreshing. The special synergy with the Ruby essence, the fruit extracts, and the aloe vera gel increase the flexibility of the skin. It also protects the epidermis from the damage of the solar radiation and free radicals. It moisturizes the skin, avoiding the wrinkle formation and protecting the skin from the premature aging.

A face cream with a silky and comfortable texture, it contains a small ruby and its vibrational essence. The innovative formulation guarantees an optimal skin moisturizing, keeping it soft for a long time. The secret is the continuous release of precious elements which re-establish the natural skin moisturizing. Rose distilled water, fruit extracts, and Aloe vera extract refresh and energize the skin while maintaining the natural level of moisturizing.