Greenness Cosmetics and Biosmos Milano Attend ESI Vancouver

This year we are excited to attend the Ésthetique Spa International Vancouver Conference,
February 25 & 26 at the Vancouver Convention Centre. The comprehensive ESI trade fair is
an amazing way to connect with a wide range of beauty professionals. It is also a chance for
Greenness Cosmetics to hear top feature speakers, participate in Exhibitors classes, and
discover new cutting-edge products and services in the ever growing and changing beauty
industry. In today’s budget-conscious business world, attending a conference of ESI’s
caliber is a great return on investment because it provides us with excellent opportunities to
network and learn new concepts.

About Greenness Cosmetics

We take pride in Greenness Cosmetics for many reasons, but especially for being an ethical
company that uses vegetal, hypoallergenic, and GMO-free ingredients and never tests on
animals. In collaboration with Osmos Natural Cosmetics, we formulate luxurious skincare
products from quality ingredients to promote wellness and produce real change.

About Biosmos Milano Cosmetics 

Biosmos Milano Cosmetics was established in 1974 in Milan, and continues to this day to create
products of the finest, purest quality based on meticulous research and the selection and
use of raw materials from the plant and marine worlds. These eco-friendly, revolutionary
gemstone skin care products made in Italy are now available in Vancouver.

At the Tradeshow

All Greenness and Biosmos Milano products will be available for sale at ESI. But in the meantime,
here is a sampling of some of our favourites.

From Greenness

The antioxidant rich formula of the Chocolate Collagen Mask promotes skin rejuvenation,
diminishes the appearance of pores, and boosts skin circulation. Soothes rough patches and
dry skin.

Post Epilation Lotion replenishes the skin after laser hair removal or shaving and reduces
the occurrence of ingrown hair. This lightweight, silky textured cream is formulated with
quality natural ingredients and is free of alcohol, mineral oil, dyes and parabens.

For all skin types, the 24K Gold Collagen Mask is designed to penetrate deeply into the
skin, supporting and nourishing layers on a cellular level. Main ingredients of this luxurious
mask include Aloe extract, hyaluronic acid, and gold.

From Biosmos Milano

The Emerald Elixir Anti–Ageing Cream is formulated from active ingredients designed to
prevent aging, aid toning, and plump the skin with rich hydration. Effectively moisturizing
while deeply nourishing, this innovative anti-ageing cream leaves skin energized and

Emerald Intensive Treatment Kit is a lively quartet of velvety anti-aging beauty products
formulated for all skin types. It includes Biosmos Anti-Ageing Mask, Anti-Ageing Cleansing
Milk, Anti-Ageing Tonic Lotion, and Anti-Ageing Cream.

With its silky texture and skin nourishing properties, the key ingredient of the Rubina
Moisturizing and Repair Face Cream is ruby vibrational essence.

Intended to remove impurities and refresh and repair delicate facial skin, the Rubina
Moisturizing and Repair Kit contains Moisturizing Tonic Lotion, Moisturizing Gel Mask,
Moisture Repair Cream, and the Moisturizing and Restructuring Rubina Cream.

Where to Find Us at ESI

We look forward to connecting with you at ESI Vancouver on February 25th and 26th –
meet us at Booth #618! Greenness Cosmetics and Biosmos Milano will also be at the ESI
Toronto Conference Booth #411, April 22 & 28, 2018.